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Who Is Frosty Garden?

jeffandkaydeJeff and Kayde are the authors of FrostyGarden.com.  We are experienced cold climate gardeners and love the life long challenge of gardening.  Over the years, we have operated traditional, hydroponic as well as container based gardens.

Our Interests:

Our interests include the topics of self sustenance, homesteading, food preservation, foraging, outdoor activities and other similar topics.  It is our goal to promote subarctic food security through urban and semi-urban community agriculture.

We pursued a lifestyle in Alaska for the adventure, the challenge and to apply our interests in a state where these skills are more frequently practiced.  We have fully adopted the “Alaska Grown” mantra and seek to contribute what we learn to others on a similar path.

Jeff has a background in engineering and technology.  His interests in gardening revolve around problem solving, optimizing systems, developing improved solutions, diagnosing plant health and attempting to achieve optimal yields.

Kayde’s background is in earth sciences, art and geography.  Her garden interests include foraging, mushroom identification, discovery of new species, planting and harvesting, picking flowers and other day to day tasks in the garden.

We look forward to sharing our adventures with you now and in the future.  We invite you to submit comments, thoughts, tips and tricks as well as anything else you would like to contribute.

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