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Who Is Frosty Garden?


Jeff and Kayde are the authors of FrostyGarden.com.  We are experienced cold climate gardeners and love the life long challenge of gardening.

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Our Interests

We believe in practicing and promoting subarctic food security through urban and semi-urban community agriculture.

That means growing your own.  It means being the farmer.

We are neither hippies, nor survivalists.  We are good people that like the challenge of learning how to produce for themselves.

Jeff and Kayde pursued a lifestyle in Alaska for the adventure.  For the challenge.  To apply our interests in a place where these skills are more frequently practiced.  We seek to contribute what we learn to others that find themselves on a similar path.

Jeff has a background in engineering and technology.  His interests in gardening revolve around problem solving, optimizing systems and developing improved solutions.  Other skills are diagnosing plant health and attempting to achieve optimal subarctic yields.  He is also the primary author, webmaster and chief technical director of FrostyGarden.com.

Kayde has background is in earth sciences, art and geography.  Her garden interests include foraging, mushroom identification and discovery of new species.  She also enjoys planting, harvesting, arranging flower bouquets and other day to day tasks in the garden.  She is infinitely curious and tirelessly dedicated, serving many vital roles for FrostyGarden.com.

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