Our Gear

We’ve seen a lot of creators generally list their gear and equipment that they use to produce content.

Often, this is done with the goal of using affiliate links to generate some sort of income.  That’s not how we roll around here, so we’re just going to tell you the equipment we use!

So, in case you’re curious about the gear and equipment that we use, this page is for you!

Primary Camera Rig

  • Canon R50 Mirrorless DSLR
  • Canon 16mm RF f/2.8 STM prime lens
  • Canon 50mm RF f/1.8 STM “nifty fifty” prime lens
  • Sigma 150mm EX Macro prime lens
  • Various filters (UV, polarizers)
  • Manfrotto tripods & monopod

Video Content Rigs

  • Our primary camera rig above can do 4K video
  • 1x GoPro Hero 11 Camera (primary video)
  • 3x GoPro Hero 9 Cameras (timelapse, B-roll, multi-cam, etc.)
  • 2x GoPro Light Mods
  • GoPro Media Mod
  • Lots of different mounts, clamps, mini-tripods, adapters, cold shoes, etc

Audio Rigs

  • Remote Audio:  DJI 2 Person Wireless Mic Kit
  • Nearfield Audio:  Rode VideoMic Go II + Fur Windshield
  • Backup Audio:  Tascam DR-10L Micro Recorder


  • Honestly, most of the time we use our grow lights or the good old fashioned sun.  🙂

Primary Editing Computer

  • AMD Ryzen 9 5900x CPU (8 core, 16 thread)
  • 64GB Corsair RAM
  • Asus TUF X570 Pro Motherboard
  • AMD Asus TUF 6800XT Video Card
  • 2x Samsung EVO 970 1TB NvME
  • All Noctua Cooling
  • Editing Software:  Adobe Photoshop, Cyberlink PowerDirector 365, DaVinci Resolve

Video & Photo Storage

  • AMD Ryzen 5 5700G CPU
  • 16GB Corsair RAM
  • Asus TUF B550 Plus Motherboard
  • Samsung EVO 970 1TB NvME (Cache Drive)
  • 8x 16TB Hard Drives
  • 4x 8TB Hard Drives
  • Operating System:  UnRaid


  • Video:  We usually use our GoPro Hero 11
  • OBS / Open Broadcaster Software
  • NGINX RTMP Proxy (Because GoPro is annoying)

Network & Communications

  • Ubiquiti 24 Port 1 gigabit core network switch
  • Ubiquiti 8 port 1 gigabit network switch
  • Ubiquiti 4 port 10 gigabit network switch (server/workstation)
  • Ubiquiti WiFi 6 Lite Access Points (4 total)
  • Mountain Beam 32mbit internet (We are way rural, so this is as good as it gets!)