Greetings readers! As the 2020 gardening season is starting to wind down, I have been giving a lot of thought about  I usually start doing this around the end of gardening season, and here we are. This post isn’t about gardening, per-se.  It’s about the future of this site.  If you’re interested, keep reading, [...]

One of the things we enjoy about Fairbanks is the robust Community Extension Service,  operated through the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Every year, UAF performs growing trials of various vegetable varieties and publishes the results.  This is very helpful information to us circumpolar gardeners as it helps us select varieties we might want to grow.  [...]

Well, it seems that every winter I regret that I could have put so much more into the Frosty Garden blog. This year is no different. I would have loved to spend my time writing and putting down the things we know. But, instead, we enjoyed a fairly relaxed winter and kept at our normal [...]

As is usual with our fall post, we are terribly sorry that we haven’t documented more over the summer.  It’s not been for lack of content, but rather lack of time.  I think most of us northerners understand that the summers are simply cramped beyond measure.  We have an inch of snow on the ground [...]

Well, technically the garden season for us started back in March!  It’s now mid-May and I am just now getting around to putting up the first post of the year.  Apologies for the delay, it has been a tremendously crazy year for us.  And the only reason I’m writing this up now is because I [...]

I have to tell you, it’s so hard to support a blog over the summer here in Alaska.  There is so much to do with our incredibly long days, beautiful surroundings and many activities that it’s hard to keep up.  Most days of summer it is hard to get any meaningful time in front of [...]

Gardening is a fun and fulfilling hobby — but is it a good workout? Actually, it is! But that mostly has to do with which gardening task you are doing and for how long. According to a study at the University of Virginia, gardening counts as moderate to strenuous exercise, like walking or bicycling. But [...]

Over the last couple years, we’ve consistently had problems with certain types of plants.  Gardening is great here in the interior of Alaska, but one unavoidable issue has thrown us trouble. Photoperiodism is a technical way to explain light and dark cycles.  Anyone who’s spent any time here in the north understands that we get [...]

Apologies for the lack of recent updates.  This is always a crazy time of year for us with all of our garden preparations that need to be done.  We’re also excited to announce that we have moved into the house we mentioned last post, so we are finally Alaska property owners!  Between packing our belongings, [...]

As we’ve hinted a couple of times, were somewhat recent transplants to the Fairbanks area.  We came up from Montana in September of 2015 and are now just wrapping up our second winter. A lot of transplants from the lower 48 that come to Alaska simply don’t make it here.  I would admit myself that [...]