Since we’ve largely moved our site to more of a static content based site, we figured it would be helpful to have a general change log.

This will generally document major changes to the site, which will hopefully help our readers identify new & updated content!

Some things on our site may be updated without a change note, sometimes even significant things!  All of our major articles have a “last revised” date, helping you know when we last touched that topic!

February 2024

  • Added new article on the topic of self-sustenance
  • Minor tweaks to our garden planning page, to overall keep it focused entirely on garden planning.  Moved some topics over to self-sustenance.
  • Added our article on building & designing smart grow rooms.
  • Updated one of our last “old pre-2020 articles” that focuses on variety selection for far northern gardens.
  • Various updates across several articles for the growing season.  Our goal is continual refinement, clean up of language and better reader accessibility.

January 2024

  • Minor updates to various articles.  Nothing really ground breaking, just 2nd/3rd draft kind of stuff.
  • Started on a couple new long form articles for later release

December 2023

  • Playing around with the idea of adding a “table of contents” to our main topics for easier, at a glace, navigation.  Work in progress, but we think this is the right path forward to assist with navigation of our long form content.

November 2023

  • Announced Frosty Garden sticker campaign!
  • Developed article on the comparative performance of increasing air versus soil temperatures
  • Caught up on some missing blog entries from social media
  • Generally refined the flow of some of our gardening basics articles.  A lot more work to be done here in refining our introductory/beginner content.  Fundamentally, we need to separate “growing from seed” from “beginning subarctic growing” as they’re not always intertwined.
  • Converted several Unicode graphics to more modern Unicode 6.0 graphics to provide a more modernized look and feel.

September 2023

August 2023

June 2023