What We Have To Say About Subarctic Gardening

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Basic Cold Climate Gardening Information

Everyone has to start somewhere!  Let’s start with some of the basics about cold climate gardening!

Top Tips & Tricks For New Cold Climate Growers

This is a dense, bulleted “download” of all the most very basic and important things about gardening, cold climate gardening and growing plants that we could come up with!
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Interior Alaska Gardening Tips & Tricks

More tips on dealing with a short growing season, like we find in the Interior of Alaska & the far north.
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Our Three Core Subarctic Gardening Techniques

These are the three core gardening techniques that we use in our subarctic gardens!
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Demystifying Plant Temperature Tolerance

What is cold hardy?  What’s a warm loving plant?  This is everything you need to know about plants and temperature tolerance.  One of our most important skills!
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Our Garden Planning Process

How we go about garden planning for family-scale food production, which allows us to know what and how much of it we need to grow every year.
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Achieving Self Sustenance Growing In Cold Climates

In this post, we explore the ideas around self sustenance.  Can you really grow all your own food?
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Our Top 10 Advanced Cold Weather Gardening Tips!

Cold climate gardening can take a bit more preparation.  If you’re moving from novice to advanced, these are topics worth more study!
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Why We Don’t Practice Organic Gardening In The Subarctic

Organic gardening isn’t all its cracked up to be in the subarctic.  Learn why we no longer practice organic gardening.
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How We Use Square Foot Gardening And Intensive Planting

An overview of how we integrate intensive gardening techniques into our growing methods.  Maximize your use of space using modified square foot gardening!
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Fairbanks & Interior Alaska Gardening Resources

The most comprehensive list of gardening related resources for Fairbanks & the general Interior of Alaska.  Find community gardens, books, clubs, greenhouses and more!
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Ambient Air Temperatures vs. Soil Temperatures

In this article, we explore the importance of increasing ambient air temperatures against soil temperatures.  What should you pursue?
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Growing Your Subarctic Garden From Seed

Are you interested in growing your own garden starts from seed?  Learn about how we do it in one of the harshest climates on earth!

Subarctic Gardening Techniques

Let’s discuss some of the core gardening techniques that we use in our subarctic vegetable gardens!

How We Get Our Plants Outside Sooner, Up To Six Weeks Before Last Frost

When you understand the basics of plant tolerance, the next step is learning how to really push the limits in growing your own subarctic garden starts!
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Container Gardening Enables Anyone, Anywhere To Have A Garden

A container garden can allow the new gardener to grow anything, anywhere without having to put a lot of effort into garden infrastructure.
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Effective In-Ground Subarctic Gardening Using Raised Rows

Raised rows are one of the most effective subarctic gardening techniques that you can use when growing in the subarctic ground!
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Sub Irrigated Containers Are The Highway To Success In Subarctic Gardening

Using sub-irrigated containers is one of the most effective container gardening techniques you can use in the subarctic!
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Off-Grid Centralized Irrigation Of A Sub Irrigated Container Garden

How we centrally irrigated our off-grid container garden, effectively creating an entire container garden on autopilot!
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The Benefits Of Mulch In Subarctic Gardening

Using mulch in your garden is a very effective technique to retain heat and moisture, vital in the subarctic!
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DIY Garden Soil Techniques & Recipes

We make a lot of our own soil, read about the various techniques you can use to make a lot of soil economically.
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Re-Using Container Garden Soil Year After Year

This is our practices and thoughts on re-using container garden soil.  We’ve been re-using ours for many, many years!
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Hot & Cold Composting With Woodchips In The Subarctic

Learn how we practice permaculture and create hundreds of gallons of compost by using hot & cold composting techniques, entirely from our 2 acre lot!
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How We Built Our Raised Beds, Prepared For Subarctic Threats!

Our build guide on how we built our raised bed garden.  Protect your garden from common subarctic threats with defensive design!
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Building DIY Raised Beds From Landscape Timbers

This is how we built a sizeable raised bed garden with inexpensive landscape timbers!
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Some Plants Flower Early Under The Midnight Sun

Ever notice that some plants start flowering almost immediately after transplanting into your garden?  This is why!
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Winterizing Irrigation Systems In Cold Climates

Winterizing your irrigation systems is an important step in cold climates.  This is the equipment we use and how we do it!
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Plant Specific Subarctic Growing Guides

We have a goal of creating the world’s first subarctic plant growing database.  These are the beginnings of that project.

Growing Tomatoes In Cold Climates & The Subarctic

Our top tips & tricks for growing great tomatoes in cold climates & the subarctic!
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Growing Peppers In Cold Climates & The Subarctic

Our tips & tricks for growing hot, super hot & sweet peppers in the extreme north!
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Growing Brussels Sprouts In Cold Climates & The Subarctic

Brussels Sprouts are a great cool climate vegetable, but take some “finesse” to grow in the subarctic.
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Growing Squash In Cold Climates & The Subarctic

While squash are a warm climate crop, they can be grown well in the subarctic.  These are our top tips & tricks!
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Growing Artichokes As Annuals In Cold Climates & The Subarctic

The subarctic lends itself really well to growing artichokes over the summer.  Learn how to grow this elusive plant in your subarctic garden!
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Growing Onions In Cold Climates & The Subarctic

Onions are more challenging than most people think.  Everything you need to know about growing onions successfully in the subarctic!
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Growing Potatoes In Cold Climates & The Subarctic

This is our complete, full cycle guide for growing potatoes.  Our only perpetual crop, it has become one of our favorite plants to grow.
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Growing Cilantro & Coriander In Cold Climates & The Subarctic

Cilantro and coriander production can be a bit nuanced, particularly when grown in the extreme north.
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Growing Celery In Cold Climates & The Subartic

Home grown celery is absolutely fantastic!  Learn what it takes to grow your own in cold climates!
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Inside Our Subarctic Garden Variety Trials

We do a lot of garden variety trials to find what works & what doesn’t.  We try to document the results.
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Foraging & Food Forests

In these posts, we explore some of the ways in which we “live off the land” and perpetually produce food in the subarctic.

Greenhouses & Temperature Control

When you want to grow warm climate crops in the subarctic, the greenhouse is one of the best techniques you can use to increase your harvest!

Common Subarctic Gardening Problems

One of the best things about subarctic gardening is an overall lack of major gardening pests and problems.  That said, we are not immune.