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What We Have To Say About Subarctic Gardening

Basic Subarctic Gardening Information

Everyone has to start somewhere!  Let’s start with some of the basics of subarctic gardening!

Subarctic Gardening Techniques

Let’s discuss some of the core gardening techniques that we use in our subarctic vegetable gardens!

How We Get Our Plants Outside Sooner, Up To Six Weeks Before Last Frost

When you understand the basics of plant tolerance, the next step is learning how to really push the limits in growing your own subarctic garden starts!

Container Gardening Enables Anyone, Anywhere To Have A Garden

A container garden can allow the new gardener to grow anything, anywhere without having to put a lot of effort into garden infrastructure.

Effective In-Ground Subarctic Gardening Using Raised Row Concepts

Raised rows are one of the most effective subarctic gardening techniques that you can use when growing in the subarctic ground!

Sub Irrigated Containers Are The Highway To Success In Subarctic Gardening

Using sub-irrigated containers is one of the most effective container gardening techniques you can use in the subarctic!

Off-Grid Centralized Irrigation Of A Sub Irrigated Container Garden

How we centrally irrigated our off-grid container garden, effectively creating an entire container garden on autopilot!

The Benefits Of Mulch In Subarctic Gardening

Using mulch in your garden is a very effective technique to retain heat and moisture, vital in the subarctic!

DIY Garden Soil Techniques & Recipes

We make a lot of our own soil, read about the various techniques you can use to make a lot of soil economically.

Hot & Cold Composting With Woodchips In The Subarctic

Learn how we practice permaculture and create hundreds of gallons of compost by using hot & cold composting techniques on our 2 acre lot!

Building DIY Raised Beds From Landscape Timbers

This is how we built a sizeable raised bed garden with inexpensive landscape timbers!  We use this for subarctic perennials and our annual cut flower garden.

Foraging & Food Forests

In these posts, we explore some of the ways in which we “live off the land” and perpetually produce food in the subarctic.

Greenhouses & Temperature Control

When you want to do warm climate crops in the subarctic, the greenhouse is one of the best techniques you can use to increase your harvest!

Common Subarctic Gardening Problems

One of the best things about subarctic gardening is an overall lack of major gardening pests and problems.  That said, we are not immune.