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What We Have To Say About Subarctic Gardening

Basic Subarctic Gardening Information

Everyone has to start somewhere!  Let’s start with some of the basics of subarctic gardening!

Subarctic Gardening Techniques

Let’s discuss some of the core gardening techniques that we use in our subarctic vegetable gardens!

Foraging & Food Forests

In these posts, we explore some of the ways in which we “live of the land” and perpetually produce food in the subarctic.

Greenhouses & Temperature Control

When you want to do warm climate crops in the subarctic, the greenhouse is one of the best techniques you can use to increase your harvest!

It’s All About The Harvest

The point of having a garden is to harvest all the goodies!  Learn our take on harvesting and food preservation!

Common Subarctic Gardening Problems

One of the best things about subarctic gardening is an overall lack of major gardening pests and problems.  That said, we are not immune.