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Ultimately, it’s up to you.  Our content is 100% free, regardless of what you choose to do.

The truth is this…

We didn’t start this site to make money!

We saw the need to fill a gap for public, freely accessible extreme northern climate growing informationExpense, thus far, has always been a secondary factor.

However, things have been trending to a point where eventually, we’ll need some sort of revenue stream to make things work.

Just like in our personal lives, “web development things” have largely moved to subscription based models, requiring continual investment.  We don’t necessarily agree with it, but that’s just how it is.

Our operating costs to run are now between $430 to $500 dollars per year.  That’s about $36 to $42 per month.  We largely bear those costs personally.  We gladly do it, believing what’s good for the goose is ultimately good for the gander!

Frankly, we did not foresee our “little hobby website” becoming a fixture on the internet, requiring more expensive web hosting resources to provide a quality experience.

We’d prefer if we can continue to do this whole thing voluntarily, by the graciousness of our most dedicated and supportive readers.  Our goal is not profit as much as it is self-sustainability.

Whether you help us cover a day, week or a month of our expenses, it’s all meaningful to us!

If we’ve helped you become a better gardener, surely that might be worth something to you?

Beyond our costs, we put hundreds of hours of work into every single year.  That doesn’t even include our gardening efforts!

From research, to technical “back end” stuff, to developing interesting stuff to write about and then actually writing about it – that takes a LOT of time!

We have also begun investing into our YouTube channel.  This has required camera gear and other tools to create high quality content.  We want to be a quality, multi-faceted resource that meets you how you want to be met!

Your contributions also allow us to do “fun things,” like offering you free stickers!

Your contributions help us remain ad-free and entirely absent of any affiliate linking programs!  We want to be a site you can trust, one that you don’t have to worry about clicking on links or wondering if we’re secretly selling your information.

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Is Frosty Garden Legit?

Frosty Garden is a fully registered business within the State of Alaska.  We just don’t operate like most businesses do, as in, we’re not trying to sell you a product.

You could maybe think of us like a media company or one of those “new fangled” social media companies.

But, instead of showing you annoying ads or making you pay to see our content, we’d rather just let you figure out the value equation on your own, according to your means.

Should you decide to contribute, your contribution will go to two people.  We are the people “behind” this website and wherever else you see Frosty Garden.

  We are Jeff & Kayde and we thank you for checking us out!  We aren’t some big “mega” corporation looking for a handout.  We’re a couple of people using our skills in growing, communication, writing, photography and general creativity that are creating public, free and (from what we’ve been told) pretty awesome resources on growing food in extreme cold climates!

Our “ultimate goal” is to make our efforts sustainable for both you and us on a completely voluntary basis.

That’s a long way to say that we pay Federal taxes on all contributions and none of this is “under the table” so to speak.

Our “Target” Contributor

We’ll be frank.  If you’re living from paycheck to paycheck, or have limited income, we honestly don’t want your contribution.  If you HAVE to grow your own food just to survive?  We don’t want your money, no matter how much you might think we’ve earned it!

We’d rather contribute to your efforts, as much as we can.  We want to help you become a better grower, produce more and hopefully become more able to help others.  That’s exactly why we do what we do.

There are some people that can and will help others to achieve good things that benefit many.  They recognize it and do their best to help when they see other people trying their best to make the world a better place.

For us, that means publishing the most complete resource we can possibly make, for free, on growing food in challenging, cold climates.  For some, that might also mean helping us do that.

That’s the space we’re trying to operate within in our efforts.  It’s not lucrative or really even profitable.  But, it’s really important for some, regardless of their financial disposition.

Thank you for adhering to our request.