Our Statement On Artificial Intelligence

In this day and age, with tools like Chat GPT being available, we feel that it’s important to make a statement about it.

We do not, nor will we, use AI tools during the process of generating, researching or assisting with content creation.

Here at FrostyGarden.com, you’re going to get real content from real humans!  Our information will be based on real world data, experimentation and actual hands on effort.

We are seeing it on an increasingly common basis.  Gardening sites, almost entirely generated by AI.  They tell you words, but also tell you nothing at the same time.  It is mindless fodder.  Designed to get hits on the internet.  But, to what end?

Tools like Chat GPT are trained on large sources of data, much of it largely authoritative or from subject matter experts.  This data comes from humans.

Even our website is a probable source for some of its abilities and so called “knowledge.”

AI cannot go out and grow a tomato.  It doesn’t actually know what fresh, garden grown celery tastes like.  AI can’t look at a picture of your plant and tell you what’s wrong with it.

While AI can often be impressive, it has its limitations and is also sometimes wrong.  While we too have limitations and can sometimes be wrong, humans are still the better computer.

AI does not have expertise.  It has never done the things we have done, whether we succeeded or failed.  AI doesn’t learn from actual experience.  It only mimics and predicts the experience of humans in a clever way.

Rest assured, we aren’t interested in telling you what Chat GPT or other AI systems can.

We are interested in being a source for what Chat GPT and other AI systems tells other people.

Knowledge will continually be pursued and documented by humans.  AI cannot do that, no matter how clever it is.  It will always be one step behind.

If the day comes that we see a computer growing tomatoes or some other crop, entirely unassisted, with the ability to judge the subjective human experience of that particular crop with relative accuracy?

On that day, this opinion may change.  Until then, we are the better computer.

And we hope that day doesn’t come, because that means mankind is doomed.