Seed Planting Schedule For ALL of Alaska!

If you’re looking for a good quality, well informed planting schedule for the far north, have we got you covered!

We spent a fair bit of time re-working our popular seed planting schedules this year to be more comprehensive for ALL of Alaska. You will now find that we have detailed seed planting schedules for all of the major northern USDA growing zones, from the most northern tips to the most southern islands of Alaska! Plus, we have “cute” one page downloadable versions of our schedules, handy for a print out or for your tablet/phone.

We also have the most comprehensive vegetable & flower planting schedules available for the far north. From the common to the obscure, annuals to subarctic grade perennials you can grow from seed, we have it on our schedule. If you’re looking for some tested inspiration, maybe give our list a perusal.

Our schedules link to our expanding growing guides and provide helpful tips to northern growers on how to get the best results. We try to accommodate the pure outdoor grower, those cramped for indoor growing space and those who have temperature controlled greenhouses. In short, all northerners.

This is the exact planting schedule we ourselves use and we frequently reference it throughout the planting season. We hope you find it helpful!

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