How We Go About Planning A Large, Family Scale Garden

If you are interested in how we go about planning a somewhat large, family scale garden each year, this post is for you!

It can be a bit intimidating to plan out a large garden. We talk about the tools and methods we use to determine our final plant counts that we need to grow from seed. This helps us from over-planting and under-planting, which means very little waste and emergency plant buying when transplanting season comes.

We also discuss how we go about our general season journaling processes, so we can continually evolve our gardens from year to year. This helps us keep track of what seeds we need to order, what things we want to change and generally how we keep track of a thousand different things related to a garden.

Most importantly, we discuss the discipline one needs to order seeds! We 100% know the “rush” one gets from going into those seed catalogs and websites! The practices we discuss can help you with accidentally buying redundant seed and will help you resist the urge to buy everything the store has to offer!

If you’re transitioning from a hobby garden into a serious production garden, this post will help you get your head around it!

If you’ve struggled with garden planning (or never made a plan, ever), this post should help you figure out what’s important to keep track of and give you some tools & methods to make sense of it all!

Planning A Subarctic Garden That Can Feed Your Family

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