Growing With A Mind For Your Climate!

The clock is winding down, we’ll be slinging dirt soon! In the run up, we have another great early season article for you! If you are trying to figure out what you want to grow this year, this guide will be right up your alley!

In this post, we discuss the concept we call, “growing with a mind for your climate.” We discuss how we truly harness the advantages of growing in a cooler climate instead of lamenting over what we can’t do. Cold climate growing is a strength, not a drawback! This outlook heavily influences the plants that we choose to grow and major decisions we make about each year’s garden.

We also delve a bit into how we perform genetic selection for our seeds, especially when it comes to more “difficult” to grow vegetables. When you know how to properly interpret your growing climate, you can more easily identify specific varieties that are going to excel within it. This can help you truly branch out into some interesting stuff and get off those “variety lists” of what other people say works.

You’ll also find a ton of information on the general thinking we use to determine what we grow, how much of it we grow and sometimes the things we’ll choose NOT to grow. For many years, we struggled because we “tried to grow everything.” This was a major learning hurdle for us to get past, let us tell you! We’ve since moved into making our gardens work entirely for us. Hint? It’s based on the things we want to eat!

If you’re putting together your strategy for this year’s garden season, the concepts in this post should help you a ton!

What To Plant In Your Subarctic Garden?

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