It Sure Doesn’t Look Or Feel Like Gardening Season Is Upon Us!

It sure doesn’t look or feel like gardening season starts for us next weekend! This is the best part of winter though, when the days start getting longer and we start setting our sights on the summer garden!

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  • Nanette Feb 28, 2023 @ 10:54

    Do you have a crop rotation you use and can share?

    • Jeff Feb 28, 2023 @ 11:25

      Hi Nanette. Good question! The general goal is to not plant the same types of plants, in the same location, year after year. There is a bit of nuance to it, so I’ll put it on the list of future articles we might write.

      Since we don’t have an article to point you to, I can sort of point you in the right direction. We have started posting our specific garden plans in our annual addresses. You can see what we change in our 2023 garden and our 2022 garden, for example.

      In raised beds, we basically just change the beds that we grow in each year. We try to focus greens, allium, root veggies and so on in the same beds to make rotation easy. In our in-ground gardens, we simply shift the garden rows we use each year. Our plants alternate between brassicas, squash and potatoes so we can always guarantee proper rotation. In our containers, we don’t really worry too much. Our soil is all stored together and mixed up the following season, so there’s always a bit of soil rotation.

      Hope that gives you a bit of insight. Thanks for the idea!

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