Behind The Scenes Of Our Winter Garden Storage

Now that we can *access* our greenhouse, we figured some of you might want a “behind the scenes” look into what the winter storage of our gardening equipment looks like. It’s “boring,” but some of you really like seeing this “odd” stuff about our operation. (We aren’t here to judge!)

We fully break down & store our container garden every year, so that’s what all the buckets are about. We also store our reservoirs, bug netting, 1020 trays, inserts, pots, seeding trays and so forth in our greenhouse over the winter. This was a major bonus for us building the greenhouse, having a good place to put all this garden stuff for the winter! Unfortunately, in the mad dash before winter sets in, great organization is usually the last thing on our mind. We do try to put everything away “mostly” washed and clean, though, so it’s ready to go the next season.

We’ll start hauling in trays, inserts and pots as we need them during our garden seeding process. Once the weather warms up, we’ll clear everything out for our 2023 prep. We like to give the greenhouse itself a good cleaning before we get started, makes for a nicer gardening experience.

Average temperature of the greenhouse this month is 12.3F. February low, -9.9F. Definitely not quite there yet!


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