With March Upon Us, Our Garden Season Officially Begins!

Well, March is officially upon us! That means it’s time for us to start ramping up our seeding operation here at Frosty Garden. We start this weekend! We know it doesn’t “feel” like it, but it’s here!

This article is the first in a three part series. We cover what we seed over the month of March, plant by plant. Our schedule should be good for USDA zones 2a through 4b, but we also provide guidelines for other cold climate zones. We also go into a bit of detail about our grow room prep, the general activities that we perform and what you might be able to expect as you start to ramp up.

Fortunately, March is pretty light for both seeding and the amount of labor involved. It only goes up from here! Like straight up. Bring it, April!

Vegetables You Should Be Planting In March Within Interior Alaska

That’s All We Wrote!

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