Frosty Garden’s 2023 Season Begins With A Ton Of Onions!



And we are off!

We start off with our onions, 12 weeks to last frost, as they require nearly six months to fully mature! It’s a huge year for onions here at Frosty Garden, too, we are planning on raising 144 of them! We only need about 128 to fulfill our plan, but we like to overplant to give us a little margin. We grow three different types – red, yellow and white, all “long day” varieties.

As we mention in our “from seed” articles, we like to use deep 200 cell seedling trays for our seed germination. This gives us nice, clean plant plugs to up-pot into the next size container. When we need to lay in a lot of seeds like this, we use a “seeder tool” to help distribute the seeds into the cells. Though this type of seeding process is commonly used commercially, we’ve found it incredibly useful in the home scale garden as well.

If you’re looking for a thorough northern focused growing guide for onions, we’ve linked our guide in the comments. A lot of gardeners have sworn off growing onions, they can be challenging! Our article covers pretty much everything you need to know to grow them successfully in cold climates. Especially the important bits about protecting them from the dastardly onion fly!

We are excited to be slinging dirt around here again! Things are a bit slow these first few weeks, but soon we’ll be in the thick of it!

Growing Onions In Cold Climates & The Subarctic


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