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We are going to put a bit more effort into our Instagram account this year, we hope to make it fire! One of our goals for 2023 is to grow our audience over there a bit more. While we don’t plan to post daily there, it’ll be a little bit different from our traditional content here & on our website.

So, if you want our reels, stories, grid and videos, we’d love it if you’d give us a follow! Less education focused, but way more fun and focused on the natural beauty of what we do here. It’ll probably get a little goofy, too.

If you don’t know, Insta never allowed us to start our Frosty Garden branded account over there. They “Insta rejected” us every single time we tried. We aren’t sure why, but this drama started way back in 2015. We protested it for years by just not having Instagram. Due to popular demand, we finally conceded and just used a different channel name entirely. You’d be unlikely to know it’s even us.

Also, we’ve started replicating our Facebook posts to the “Blog” section of our website. If you know someone not on Facebook that might like our seasonal educational & garden showcase content, they can follow our entire garden season there! Link in the comments!

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