How We Water Our Germinated Seedlings, A Life Changer!

We are not into advertising products here, but will certainly tell you about those *life changing* things that we use!

If you’re still using a regular spray bottle to water your seedlings, this thing will rock your world. It’s a small pressure sprayer, typically designed for applying pesticides and weed killer. Used with plain water, it is the most excellent seedling watering tool ever created! Holding just shy of a half a gallon of water, this will seriously save your hands from constant squeezing. It’s very gentle with seedlings, allowing for a fine spray/mist, but can also lay down a serious amount of water in comparatively short order. The normal squeeze bottle sprayer has no place in our growing operation anymore!

They can also be used for general houseplant misting, such as for ferns, though they can get a little messy when used that way. If you’re a worm rancher, these also work great for moistening your bedding and infusing water into the castings.

We picked ours up many years ago, but they can still be found for about seven bucks at big box hardware stores. Our oldest one did bite the dust after 5-6 years of frequent use, but we were able to repair it with a replacement O-ring. For the decade plus we’ve seen out of that oldest one, the value is off the charts good.

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