10 Weeks To Last Frost, The Sowing Heats Up!

Now that we are 10 weeks to last frost here, things are going to really start heating up with our sowing schedule! For the next six weeks, we’ll be sowing things every single weekend!

On the vegetable front, this is when we start our celery and celeriac. This is also an optimal time for sowing leeks. In the herb family, this is the time to sow mint as it’s a relatively slow grower compared to all the other herbs. As we discussed yesterday, this is also when we sow our tomatoes and peppers! On those latter two, we definitely recommend having a greenhouse situation to deal with larger plants if you want to sow them this early. Otherwise, we suggest waiting for 7 to 8 weeks prior to last frost.

For our flower gardens, this is also when we also start sowing regularly. Our seed starting schedule starts a number of flowers quite early, with the goal of achieving early blooms over our brief summer season. In colder climates, this can be important so some flowers don’t barely start blooming just prior to the end of the season! This is one of the main reasons we recommend following northern focused seed schedules, like ours, as it accounts for these factors!

Lastly, we’ll caution you about trying to “get ahead” by sowing a bunch of stuff super early. If you’re growing from seed indoors, your seeding operation is about to get big, fast! Not only will “getting ahead” result in an unmanageable jungle, it can also restrict your abilities to grow what you really want later on! We are still quite early in the season, so patience is key! Keep following those seed planting schedules, the built-in wisdom is worth it and you’ll get to the end goal with fewer problems!

We’re glad to see the very beginning of break-up happening here! It still doesn’t look like gardening season here, but these next 10 weeks go by really fast!

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