Our Indoor Grow Room Is About To Explode!

Our grow room is about to explode! After this weekend’s sowing, we all ready have hundreds of plants aiming to take up a lot of space! All those little cells are going to become full blown plants! If you’re counting, that’s over 700 plants on deck and it’s not even April! The truth is, not ALL of these will be brought into fruition. We overgrow, a fair bit sometimes, so we can select our best plants to bring forward. Nonetheless, this situation isn’t the easiest to deal with!

Fortunately, we’ve been here many times before! We have scaled our indoor growing spaces to accommodate this explosion and expansion, in several different ways. From this dedicated seed starting grow tent, we start to leverage two separate and temporary 2×6 growing tables that allow us to accommodate this explosion of growth. This gives us another 24 square feet to grow into! You’ll soon see pictures of this expansion and looking at things, we will likely be there within the week. What we are trying to communicate here is that as a northern “from seed” gardener, it’s really important to understand that seedlings become actual plants!

This is one of the reasons we talk about methods for getting your plants outside as soon as you can in the season. We’ll be breaching several topics on that subject quite soon, as the topic of “managing this insanity” is absolutely relevant to our fellow northern “from seed” gardeners!

One of our personal struggles here at Frosty Garden is that we’ve learned in years past that our cats have taken a fancy to eating our onions. It doesn’t matter if it tastes like grass! If it LOOKS like grass, it IS getting eaten. With our expansion of our onion crop this year, we are a little bit concerned about being able to fully protect that onion crop within our relatively protected grow tent this year! Fortunately, we have a couple tricks up our sleeves. We’d like to think that we are still smarter than our cats, but this is still an evolving battle! That strategy is about to play out soon, so stay tuned.

We are really getting excited about things! As temperatures are just beginning to crest freezing, we are so ready to move on from winter. In six to eight weeks, all this snow will be gone. We will definitely be prepared for it!

That’s All We Wrote!

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