Is Livestreaming In’s Future?

Is there interest in us doing a livestream? We’ve been kind of wondering, with 1,800+ folks watching us here and thousands of visitors to our website every month, if there would be value in us expanding upon what we do? Let us know?

We are kind curious if people might want to connect with us, beyond just passive Facebook and blog posts. We have been where you might just be, with lots of questions and little guidance and direction. We might have a thing or two to say, in a live setting, and we are curious if that might be a place people might want to engage us? If we are willing, are you?

If there is a genuine interest, we would probably consider connecting with folks once a month or so over the growing season. To chat about early season stuff, mid season stuff and late season harvesting. Problems, challenges and everything that gardening in the north brings. We don’t promise to have all the answers. But, since we have kind of put ourselves out there as public gardening mentors, it seems appropriate to offer such a thing.

If you think that might be valuable, let us know. We don’t have a “minimum interest level” as this is truly a new thing for both us and you. If there’s interest, we’ll figure out a way to do it and it will eventually grow. Please do comment and maybe make suggestions on what you’d like the format to look like. Talking head, interactive engagement, maybe a little half and half? It might take some refinement on our end, but we are interested in new ways to connect with people, particularly in modern times!

To Frosty Garden, in 2023 and beyond!





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