It’s Time To Sow Those Sweet & Hot Peppers!

A lot of gardeners choose to sow their peppers around now, roughly 10 weeks to last frost. We don’t disagree with this, that’s generally where we are at too.

Unlike with tomatoes, pepper plants won’t get out of control huge when sowed this early. If your grow room can handle 8 to 10 inch plants, now’s a fine time to sow. If you want them a bit smaller than that, wait for 7 to 8 weeks prior to last frost.

We grow a ton of peppers here at Frosty Garden. From hot to sweet, we grow them all. You might be surprised to learn, we grow better than 90% of our crop outdoors! We used to think the greenhouse was “where it was at” for peppers, but it turns out you can employ other strategies and still get a marvelous crop outdoors.

We’ve got an excellent growing guide for you, it is seeing the rounds on specialty pepper growing forums as the go-to source for info on northern pepper growing. Whether you’re a beginner pepper grower or have been growing them for years, there’s bound to be something you can learn!

Growing Peppers In Cold Climates & The Subarctic

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