The Secret To Gardening Is Not Forgetting Your Plants!

We asked you about a livestream over the season, you’re going to get a livestream. So, stay tuned for more on that! But, we are all ready feeling the pressures of the coming season, getting home at nightfall with barely any room to spare!

It’s an important lesson, though. Duties keep us away from our plants, more than we’d like. So, how do we manage it? Prioritization. It’s a lot like kids. If you have kids, plants are second. If you don’t have kids, plants are also second. Either way, our plants are second to life and all the stuff we’ve got going on.

The importance is that they are not forgotten, that they are a priority to you in whatever fashion you can possibly contrive. If you do that, your plants will do well by you. We came home tonight find our Portulaca had started to sprout. Along with a single tomato and another single Gaillardia. They keep trying, regardless of what you do! If you can spare just a little bit of your time and effort, they will reward you.

Trust us, your relationship with your plants will be trialed over the coming months. Keep prioritizing them, as much as you can and are able. Don’t forget them and they will reward you. That is how this all works. That’s our lesson for tonight, baked in decades of experience and countless trials, both our plants and ourselves.

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