Sowing Artichokes & Green Onions In A Snow Storm!

Here’s another video, with an entirely different feel and format. This one is way more of a “day in the life” kind of vibe. Longer, fuzzier and with a bit of interjected monologue. The intention behind this format would be more of a weekly update kind of thing. Some subjects might be more “what we are up to” and others might be more topic/educational focused.

If you have a preference between yesterday’s “short format” topic focused video and this one, we’d love to hear it. Ultimately, we want to create content you want to see, so that’s why we are soliciting your feedback, trying different things and want to know more about what you want to see! This video thing is an entirely new format for us, so it feels appropriate to gauge our audience for what they want to experience.

We don’t want to bias your opinion, but this is way more objectively “us” when it comes to gardening. For example, there’s a moment where we decide how many green onions we’re going to sow. That “indecision” reflects a decision we made earlier this season to focus more on succession planting. It might seem “hmm” or “huh”…but we often figure things out while we’re doing them!

If you’ve never tried this sort of video thing, it’s incredibly difficult to talk in front of and *for* a camera. It feels so weird and unnatural! Despite tons of experience with public talks and presentations, and no fear of even a large audience, this video thing is a whole new world for me. Please forgive the steep learning curve!



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