April Is The Month Us Northern Gardeners Cannot Miss!

Well, dang, would you look at that! April is almost upon us! We know what that means, we are about to be busy, busy, busy!

If you want to grow your common cold climate brassicas and most other plants from seed, April is the month you cannot miss! Paging all gardeners! Fortunately, we’ve got your back with a solid guide for zones 2A-4B for what you need to be doing throughout April!

For us, April is the month of near constant seeding and transplanting. We are about to take several hundred seedlings and turn them into actual, nursery grown plants! Past that, our April seeding schedule is quite packed with our largest seedings yet. We have two weekends this month that are super intensive on the seeding schedule. If you’re a diverse grower like we are, you have your work cut out for you! We have to get creative this month, balancing our weekend and working days between transplanting and seeding on schedule. Then, weather permitting, we’ll start to harden off our cold hardy and frost tolerant plants in mid-April, so we can get them out into our greenhouse by later this month. To do that, we’ve got to clear out our greenhouse, run temporary power and set up & test our greenhouse temperature control systems. So, a couple things to deal with!

After many years of doing this, we’d argue that April is our busiest and most complicated month in all the growing season. Sure, planting our gardens and harvesting certainly rival it. But there’s so many different things in flight in April that, honestly, the rest of it seems like easy mode. Most of it due to the fact that it’s still not growing season, we’re still battling winter and yet…things still need to happen!

Our very first livestream is this Saturday, 3PM AKST. We’d encourage you to join us, we can talk about all these shenanigans and more. Link in the comments below.

What You Should Be Planting In April Within Interior Alaska

Our livestream event!

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