Growing Celery From Seed Takes Immense Patience!

Growing celery from seed requires serious patience! These delicate celery seedlings are all ready several weeks in the works!

Celery is possibly among one of the slowest growing plants we grow! One of the earliest seeds we put in the soil, celery will take well over a month to reach just a couple inches tall. Preferring ambient room temperatures to germinate well in, a lot of gardeners find them fussy and annoying since they can take almost 2 to 3 weeks to germinate! Some gardeners also despise celery as they’re super sensitive to drought, requiring “constant contact” with moisture throughout the growing season. About the only “good thing” the antagonists of home grown celery might offer is they’re exceptionally tolerant of cooler climates.

That said, if you haven’t tried home grown celery, it rocked our world when we started growing it. The flavor of home grown celery is so far above and beyond the grocery stuff, it’s hard to believe they are even the same plant. I don’t know what “professional growers” have to do to get grocery celery to be so utterly bland, but it’s a remarkable feat. Imagine the most tastiest, bursting with flavor celery you could possibly imagine, then amplify that times five. That’ll get you almost close to the flavor actual home grown celery!

A favorite of ours to grow, we typically grow nearly a two to three dozen plants. They take excellent to blanch & freeze techniques, maintaining both the texture and flavor for almost a year. We ensure we have enough to go all winter and the following spring/summer, our home grown celery is a favorite from our freezer pantry.

This won’t be the end of “celery talk” you’ll hear from us! We preach that truth from the mountain tops!

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