Portulaca Are Possibly The Most Interesting Seedling We Grow

Most seedlings are not particularly interesting in their growing characteristics. A few small leaves, a tiny stem, maybe a branch or two. We see it all the time.

Then there’s Portulaca. Sometimes also called moss rose, it starts life looking almost like a delicate succulent. If you get a mix of different colored portulaca, the stem’s color will often be the earliest indicator of the flower’s unique color. One of the few seeds that like being sowed in small clusters, typically of 3 to 5 seeds, they will grow up to become excellent color producers across our flower gardens.

Portulaca are certainly one of the earliest flowers we start, typically sowing them ten weeks before last frost. This is one of those seeds we’ve learned to sow much earlier than you would at lower latitudes, ensuring we get both early and a full season of blooms from them. It’s always a favorite in our flowering containers, lightly spreading/trailing, while maintaining that interesting succulent-like look from its leaves.

We’re super proud that we’ve been able to achieve 100% production all the flowers we’d ever want for our flower gardens. From our flowering containers, to cut flowers to those grown for pest protection, we’ve finally been 100% seed grown for a couple years now! Sure, we might pick up something irresistible at the greenhouses, as any plant addict will, but it’s no small feat to learn the incredible diversity of all the flowers we grow!

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