Summer Isn’t Actually Cancelled, Hooray!

What an unusual spring we’ve had this year here in the Interior! But, it looks like tomorrow we finally start to launch out of sub-freezing temperatures for a change! Summer isn’t actually cancelled, after all!

I think I might have jinxed us, saying the other day how we’d never yet hit our indoor growing capacity since our last upgrade. Well, that era is now over, we’ve hit the limit! There’s no more room, captain! We have occupied every square inch of our 28 square feet of indoor growing space with plants this year!

This break in the weather here in the Interior can’t come at a more perfect time for us as we were going to be out of options by next weekend. But, it looks like we can start hardening off tomorrow and have some of our plants in our greenhouse by the week’s end. What a relief!

We are glad the indoor seed sowing comes to an end this next weekend, hopefully soon after that we’ll be done with transplanting too. We’re getting really excited about going into the ground! We are eager for the next level of our gardening season, particularly the part where our eleventy billion feet of snow finally disappears for awhile!

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