We Are Hardening Off & Listening To The Sound Of Snow Going Away!

Finally, we are hardening off! By far one of the latest springs we have started this process, usually there’s a lot less snow in the background when we get going! It’s still a brisk 37 degrees out, but this is happening, stat!

We’re starting with our most cold hardy plants, the ones that can tolerate a freezing or two. While we don’t intend to freeze our plants, it’s a good practice just in case something goes wrong. They can easily tolerate temperatures down to about 36 degrees, even less if you’re willing to risk a bit of cold stress.

I’m going to keep tonight’s post short. I’ve been mesmerized by the most wonderful sound in the world right now, dripping water, and I want to get back to listening to the sound of snow going away!

That’s All We Wrote!

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