Birch Buds Starting To Come Out, Birch Tapping & Syrup Season Is Upon Us!

As I drove into work today, I caught glimpse of the earliest birch buds starting to finally grow. This means birch tapping season is nearly upon us here in the Interior! Just like our gardens, birch tapping season is getting a later than usual start this year due to the colder than normal spring!

If you’re interested in birch tapping and want to make your own birch syrup, we’ve got you covered! We have been practicing tapping and birch syrup production for many years now. We produced one of the most detailed guides out there on the process, complete with several collection and processing improvements over more basic tapping and production guides.

Our guide covers pretty much everything you need to know. From when to get started, the tools & materials you need and all the way into final production. We put some hard thought into the actual syrup production process and improved this in many ways over typical guides. Unlike maple syrup, birch syrup requires nearly a 100 to 1 reduction to produce the actual syrup. This is challenging in the home based production process, so we improved things in many regards to make it a little more sane.

Birch syrup production is a very time sensitive thing, something only practicable in the spring. If it’s been on your mind for this year, it’s time to gear up and get ready!
We don’t intend on producing birch syrup this year, testament to the suitability of birch syrup to handle preservation techniques. It’s a fantastic preserver! We’ve generally found a cadence of every other year, sometimes every third year depending on our available personal supply. Nonetheless, that’s why we produce these perennial guides!

We are getting excited about the impending green-up. Birch syrup production time is definitely a time marker we like to see. Summer is coming, ya’ll!

Birch Syrup Harvesting Within Interior Alaska

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