We Are Officially Playing In The Dirt! 2023 Season Has Begun!

Gardening season 2023 has officially begun for us here at Frosty Garden! We spent the day prepping our raised beds for the year, it feels so good to be out in the sun and have our hands in the soil!

For these beds, we treat them “more organically” than we do with much of the rest of our gardens. Our prep involves compost, Down-To-Earth’s BioLive (for NPK) and Azomite (for trace minerals) all blended into the soil. We like this garden to be mostly “hands off” aside from irrigation for most of the season. Once we get it prepped, we only have to run our irrigation system occasionally and harvest.

We use these beds primarily for “high rotation” crops (e.g. lettuce, radish, etc) and things we can grow rather intensively such as greens, allium, celery and quite a few others. We also do all of our direct sows in these beds, since we have less overall weed problems, having used crafted soils for the foundation of our growing medium.

It’s looking increasingly likely that we’ll be able to start our outdoor gardens on our target date of May 20th this year! Our soil temps in these beds are feeling pretty good, despite just having had snow on them last weekend! We’ll be doing our direct sows of cold hardy crops at that time and might also start to transplant some of our cold hardy raised plants we intend to grow in our raised beds this year.

We are super excited to be gardening for realsies! Even Bridger The Widger, the Onion Eater, came out to do a little bit of Catulvation!

Bridger Widger The Onion Eater Gardening Preparing raised beds

That’s All We Wrote!

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