How We Prepare Our Raised Beds To Grow Intensively (Video)

If you want a bit more info on how we prepare our raised beds for the growing season, we put together a video on our process! This covers everything, soup to nuts, from our nutritional strategy to our general growing systems!

We grow food rather intensively in these beds. Some might call it “square foot gardening” but we’ve modified the concept enough that we describe it more as just general intensive gardening these days. It’s not that the SFG technique doesn’t work, it’s just there’s a ton of room for improvement when you diverge from the original technique.

Growing intensively requires great soil nutrition, so this video covers our annual infusion process for boosting our NPK and trace minerals. We can’t say it enough, soil nutrition is at the absolute foundation of intensive growing.

We’ll get a ton of food out of this 160 square feet in the coming months! We are looking forward to getting in the ground and that day is coming very soon!

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