Our 2023 “Family Photo” Of Plants, 100% Grown From Seed!

It’s that time of year again, where we get to show you our “family photo” of all the plants we grew from seed this year! We’ve been doing this tradition for four years now and we love to show off our hard work!

We don’t have an exact count of how many plants we raised this year and are way too lazy to count them. We do know that we sowed about 1,600 seeds. If we had to take a guess, we probably brought 800-850 plants forward this year, all contained in this one photo!

We’ve been 100% “from seed grown” for several years now and it took us quite a few years to build the expertise across so many diverse veggies and flowers. We’ll still probably pick up some interesting things from local greenhouses, should we determine we have extra space once all our gardens are planted.

We have started to transplant into our raised beds as of today, so we’re hoping the predicted weather holds! Even if something crazy does happen, everything we’ve got out so far is able to handle the extremes of cold weather. This is why we teach and preach knowing the cold tolerance of plants, it’s integral to phasing in a subarctic garden skillfully and with little risk. (Our cheat sheet will be found below!)

We hope you are getting the same kind of great weather we’ve seen here in the Interior the last few days. It feels so good to get that Vitamin D pumping through our bodies. Good luck with your sowing & transplanting, we look forward to taking you along as things develop in our garden!

Demystifying Cold Hardy, Frost Tolerant, Frost Sensitive and Warm Loving Garden Plants

2023 Plant Family Photo From Above Left 2023 Plant Family Photo From Above Right

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