Planting Into A Rainstorm, Our Community Garden Gets Plants!

We are in like Flynn! We got our major transplanting of all our cold hardy crops into our community garden done today and it’s looking good, good, good!

We are expecting 3/4 of an inch of rain over the next two days. Given the choice of planting into a significant rainstorm over future drought conditions, we’d pick rain storm almost every time. This will take care of a significant chunk of our initial watering efforts over the next few days, as opposed to us having to make daily visits to our community garden to care for our transplants.

Timeliness is an important skill to develop, as you advance from a beginner to advanced gardener. Recognizing opportunities, even though they may “seem” less than ideal, are often advantageous over other possible situations. We’ll follow up with our first “field fertilization” after the rainfall, allowing them to recover with maximum nutrition and a trajectory that will allow them to fully anchor themselves into their new environment in the coming weeks.

Our seedlings have a rude awakening coming to them very soon. The greenhouse life and being coddled at every moment by loving plant growers is now over. Our plants have to get used to the “hard life” now, it’s time to let them become what they were grown for…to live their own life, absent all the protections we’ve offered them for month after month.

We have, of course, held back our most temperature sensitive crops. Our squash, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, flowers and so forth are still enjoying the “good life,” either indoors or in our protected greenhouse. This is what we’d call “strategic northern planting.” It’s also an essential skill we encourage all northern growers to develop.

It is looking like our evening temperatures will be moving into the 50F degree range within the next week, so we’ll be shifting the rest of our garden into their final homes very, very soon!

Garden two of four is almost done! Hope you all are as excited as we are to be back at it again, it’s such a good place to be!

Community garden shortly after transplant Potatoes planted and plants transplanted

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