A Tough Growing Season & Preparing Our 1,700 Square Foot Community Garden (Video)

This has definitely been one of the tougher seasons for us to “read” the weather. Our late season craziness appears to continue well into our typical last frost date!

With 33F predicted as a low for Wednesday night here in the Interior, we’re super glad we have held back all of our frost sensitive plants thus far. It’s hard for us to gauge whether this will bring a frost with it, but it’s definitely plausible. If you’ve gone full throttle and have things in the ground or outdoor containers, this is one of the reasons we recommend having frost cloth at the ready. It’s important to have enough to cover your frost sensitive plants. It’s definitely one of those “better to have it and not need it then to need it and not have it” things in northern gardening!

We think we’ll be fine with our cold hardy plants. It won’t be the first time we have frozen them, we’ve even done it on purpose!

We are definitely having to come up with a creative strategy to get our container and flower gardens going this year. Most years, we’d have zero concerns about anything being outside but our peppers at this point. That’s not the case this year. Our current plan is to proceed with our greenhouse setup, which is usually the last thing we do. We’re going to prep our containers and hopefully, by this weekend, we’ll be in the safe zone to actually start planting things in them. It’s looking like peppers may not be able to go outside until after June 5th, it’s been a long time since that’s been the case! Again, we wait until low evening temps are solidly in the 50’s to get our peppers outside. We may push high 40’s this year out of necessity.

But, if you’re interested in catching up on our community garden preparations that we knocked out last weekend, we put together a video on how we fully prep this garden. You all seem to like this “hard work” content, so we’ll definitely put a focus on that. We are in the thick of things here, pushing hard to try and make things work this year despite the challenges thrown at us!

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