A First: Hybrid Pre-Season & Summer Mode Greenhouse At The Same Time

Definitely, definitely an awkward and interesting season for us this year! Most years, by the time we are setting up our greenhouse, pretty much all of our plants are all ready outdoors!

This is the first time we’ve had to use our greenhouse in a hybrid fashion like this. We’re currently using 3/4 of the space for our summer greenhouse (tomatoes) and the other 1/4 of the space to protect our plants from the incoming cold temperatures and potential frosts!

We are hoping we just have to ride out another two to three days of this, tops. This season definitely feels like one of those that could throw a super late frost at us. At a certain point, though, we just have to commit. If we take maximum precautions, losing valuable outdoor growing time, we’ll see that taken out of our final harvests anyway. It’s one thing if you have six months of growing season. In the north, two weeks is over 15% of your entire season!

Sometimes the options suck and you just have to pick the least sucky option.

But, on the good news side, our greenhouse is at least now 3/4 of the way done~ We’re just top watering our plants for now, we’ll set up our full irrigation system once we can fully convert our greenhouse into summer mode.

This year’s definitely one for the record books. But, this is exactly why we try to teach paying attention to the weather, more than specific dates or schedules, as the weather ultimately guides everything!

Greenhouse Just After Transplant 2 Greenhouse Just After Transplant 3

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