Early Potting Up Of Your Artichokes Makes All The Difference!

Remember that “pot up your artichoke” tip we provided about a month ago? This is the result you get when you do just that!

Our artichoke starts are usually pushing a foot in height and 18 inches in width when we finally get to transplanting them. Giving them more soil, early, allows them to spend that earlier time growing larger and becoming more mature to support the actual artichoke.

We’ve found by doing this one little step, our artichokes tend to become more “full size,” the likes you’d buy at a grocery store. This allows us to eek every little bit of our 100 day season, which is just barely enough to support these annually grown chokes.

It’s a two-tip night here! Since it’s all of a sudden warmed up here in the Interior, pushing 80+ degrees, remember that it’s really important to keep your young plants well hydrated! They are most vulnerable when they are young, so make sure you’re keeping your plants well watered.

We know that it was just snowing like three days ago here. If you’re new to growing in the Interior, no, it’s not normally like this. But, some years, this is what you get. And that’s one of the reasons we, our website and other social media channels are here. To help you make sense of it all and help you with navigating the challenges!

That’s All We Wrote!

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