Our Off-Grid, Gravity Powered Centralized Rain Water Catchment System (Video)

We are sometimes asked to talk about our irrigation systems, rain water capture and some of the techniques we use to keep our plants well hydrated in our off-grid gardening environments. We decided to put a video series together on this topic since it’s much easier to just show you, rather than to write about it.

This first video discusses how we conduct rain water capture at our homestead. We go a fair bit beyond your typical rain water barrels, showing you how we’ve automated the capture of rain water into a centralized water tank. Whenever possible, we try to focus on low-technology solutions (like gravity) as simpler is often better. This centralization was important for us as it allows us to have a single point of water distribution for all of our captured rain water across our entire property.

This will eventually be a multi-part series where we’ll further show you our backup water strategies and then the actual irrigation systems and water conservation techniques that we use. We primarily focus on very efficient growing systems to maximize the limited amount of water that we do have.

If you’re interested in the many ways we practice off-grid gardening, this topic will be right up your alley!

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