The Effect Of Water Soluble Fertilizer On Plants With Transplant Shock

Hope you all had a great solstice yesterday! A couple of weeks ago, we gave you the tip to hit your plants with a quality, water soluble fertilizer to help them recover from transplant shock. We wanted to show the effects of that tip!

As you can see, in just a couple of weeks, our plants have fully recovered and are well on their way to full maturity. There’s very little sign of the transplant (and frost) shock that our plants went through shortly after transplanting.
The results that we’ve seen from water soluble fertilizers have been so stunning that we switched almost our entire nutrition strategy over to them. We do still use granular fertilizers a little bit, but increasingly rely on the fast-acting, immediate results of liquid ferts. It’s been a night and day difference for us since we switched.

While many of the plants we grow don’t necessarily benefit from a rapid growth pace, some do. For example, our Brussels Sprouts and squash tend to be a lot more productive with a more aggressive and regular feeding schedule.

We are excited as we’re soon approaching several harvests across our gardens. We’ve been eating home grown salads like they’re going out of style, but are really looking forward to the diversity of foods that we grow!

Brassica Early Growth Brussels Sprouts Early Growth


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