Ripe Tomato Record Beaten & Our Cherry Tomato Strategy

Well, we keep beating our previous records! Red, usable tomatoes just 29 days after transplant this year! We like growing cherry tomatoes as it’s always our fastest run into tomato season, by a long shot.
This Sakura variety has been our preferred cherry type for several years now and there’s little not to like about it. Early producing, gorgeous trusses, high crack resistance, fantastic field hardiness and a taste that rivals a lot of heirloom tomatoes. We like it so much that we recently bought enough seed for the next five years!

Our previous record was 34 days after transplant. If you’re wondering about the “trick” to rapid maturity…it’s starting them 10 weeks to last frost and transplanting into large 5.5″ containers just before they actually need it. Oh, and a greenhouse that can keep temperatures between 80-85F most days, even in the early season!

One of the troubles many gardeners come into is once they figure out something that works, it’s really hard to get them to change it. While we long to try out different cherry tomatoes, and oogle over the seed catalogs every year, it’s really hard for us to change it up. With limited tomato growing space, we just don’t have tons of room for things that might not work as well as we hoped.

And, now that we’ve shown you all our first tomatoes, we can finally get to eating them! I don’t think these are going to get far from the greenhouse at all!

Sakura Tomato Trusses Starting To Ripen

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