Our Peas Of Choice: Oregon Sugar Pod

Next up on our preservation list are snap peas. They are coming in strong for us, right about the 60 day mark, just as they usually do. We’ve learned not to sit on these for too long as their field hardiness is quite limited.

We’ve played around with a ton of different varieties of snap and snow peas. While these two are “technically” separate types of peas, they are often interchangeable by the gardener. Every time we try something different, though, we always find ourselves gravitating back to the classic Oregon Sugar Pod.

We might just end up sticking with this variety and give up trying to find something better. It’s a hard one to beat! A prolific producer, just a short 10 foot row keeps us in a massive supply for a very long time with hundreds of pods for the picking. Sweet and crisp to the taste, these peas are true to their name and are a delectable addition to stir fry, salads and anywhere a full-pod pea is welcome.

We’ll be picking and preserving these tomorrow night, so this was their last full photo op! We just couldn’t bring ourselves to another preservation session in these 90+ degree temperatures that we’re getting here in the interior. It’s far more important to water our gardens in these temperatures, anyway, it takes a toll on those plants!

This is again why we love the blanch and freeze preservation technique. We can take a bulk harvest like this and then figure out what to do with it later. While we often seize the moment for timely recipes, having a solid preservation technique really can help when you’ve got all the demands of a busy schedule, plus a big garden to take care of!

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