Introductory Canning: Make Freezer Jams!

If you’re wanting to get into canning, but are a little bit “not sure where to start?” Or, if you’re burdened by a ton of other preservation, like us, and just want something easy! Either way, this is the tip for you.

You can take fresh fruit and make what’s called a freezer jam. Unlike traditional canning, which takes a bit of preparation, technique and care – freezer jams are pretty much a “combine and store” method. It’s one of the easiest “faux canning” methods out there and is rather tasty when you get done with it! And the truth is, no one will know the difference!

Since the primary storage is your freezer, there’s much less concern about food safety issues. The jam is good for about a month, once you move it from the freezer into the fridge. We like to use pint size jars for this reason, so we’re sure to get through it.

We made some lovely Toklat strawberry freezer jam this year. It’s super tasty and has all that “real strawberry” goodness that we all want from a jam. While strawberries and raspberries are some of our favorites for jams, you can do it with other fruits too like blueberries, apricots, nectarines and other fruit you have. It’s easy to do “fruit blends” too!

Freezer jams will keep for about 6 to 9 months in the freezer, allowing you plenty of time to scarf them down. They’re great on classic PB&J, pancakes, toast and anywhere else a jam or jelly is welcome!

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