Flower Friday: Flower Arrangements

Oh, you might think that just because it’s late on a Friday night that we’re going to miss Flower Friday? Not a chance! We’re going to connect, reconnect and connect again the link between flowers, pollinators and food production every chance we get!

Outside of pollinator attraction, one of our primary interests in growing flowers is for the practice of floral arrangements. Honestly, we’re “plebs” at this game, having only practiced the effort for several years now. These days, we grow dedicated cut flower gardens solely for the purposes of benefiting pollinators and beautifying our garden spaces. But, truthfully, it’s mostly to practice the long standing art of flower arrangement.

Flower arrangement, or flower artistry, is a practice that goes back as far as 2,500 BCE, a tradition world-over and across mankind for well over 4,500 years now. Rooted in ancient Egypt, there’s hardly a culture on Earth that doesn’t practice it to some degree today. It’s a well known practice, used by many to celebrate the highs, lows, tragedies, successes and overall the finest and most memorable moments in life. Flowers are used as tribute to life, death, honor, grief and celebration world-over. We honestly can’t think of a more fitting practice to honor our pursuit of growing expertise.

Our efforts simply work to begin to understand this practice, providing simple but extremely lush decoration for our home. You can see them as simple floral decoration, or gaze upon them with the rich cultural history lens that we like to use as our focal point.

We’ll leave that focus up to you, but we do wish you all a great weekend and we hope that you’re savoring every minute of the back end of the summer season!

That’s All We Wrote!

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