Flower Friday: Zinnia

The season is sure going fast! With just weeks remaining, we’re both relieved that the work is near over and also a bit bummed our growing season is nearing conclusion. But, we still have some excellent Flower Friday’s remaining this year!

Today, we’re bringing you a flower that you’re probably familiar with, but this particular variety may mesmerize you! This Queen Lime Zinnia is one of the more stunning of the many that we’ve grown over the years.

Although it doesn’t translate as well on the camera as it does in person, this flower features one of the most rare colors to see in flowers, green. The petals certainly remind you of the classic Zinnia, but the double flowers of this variety are exceptional. This type of flower is called a composite flower, with the two inner components of the double flower comprised of what are called disk and ray florets.

Zinnia is a semi-vast species, with over 100 different cultivars available to the grower. Unlike some flowers we’ve featured, Zinnia have only been selectively bred since the early 19th century. In Floriography, or the “Language of Flowers,” Zinnia are said to represent the thinking of absent friends.

Zinnia are primarily grown for their exceptional beauty, with no known medicinal or herbal uses. That said, Zinnias tend to be quite favorable to both butterflies and hummingbirds. We can definitely confirm that trait, seeing our butterflies enjoy this flower much more than others.

If properly dead headed, the Zinnia can produce blooms all summer long. We generally suggest sowing Zinnia 5 to 6 weeks to last frost, but have considered bumping that up to promote earlier and longer blooming.

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend. At least here, we’ll be dodging the much needed rain, the Interior has been smoky as all get out lately!

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