A Reality Check On The Dangers Of Canning

One of our most valuable skills that we’ve invested our time into learning is how to utilize different food preservation techniques. You know we talk about freezing a lot around here, but it’s incredibly valuable to be well versed in various preservation methods.

There are people out there that are terrified of canning, it keeps them from ever trying it. Be it regular water bath canning, but especially pressure canning. They will never know the joy of a recipe like Dilly Beans, like we’re putting together here. There is little wonder for this fear and it has to do with the safety warnings and endlessly repeated stories of “so and so’s aunt DIED from canning!”

The biggest concern in canning is botulism, of course. We don’t mean to belittle those unfortunate enough to encounter it. But, what a lot of people don’t realize is how incredibly rare that is, yet it’s held up like it’s some kind of regular occurrence. From 1996 to 2014, a period of 18 years, there were only 43 known botulism incidents in the US related to home canning. That’s out of millions upon millions of jars put every single year! Statistically, it’s almost impossible to encounter, especially if you follow directions and practice canning safely.

Or maybe you saw that picture of someone’s stove that imploded from an explody pressure canner. That is literally impossible with modern day pressure canners. I can guarantee you that happened to an original generation pressure canner, likely from the 40’s or 50’s, that had none of the safety mechanisms modern pressure canners have. But, like with all good myths, it becomes almost truth to some people.

We know it can be difficult to overcome fear. But, if we’re talking about you here and you “really, really want to try canning,” hopefully this reality check will help you put those things into context. Modern day canning is exceptionally safe and learning to do it properly is absolutely within your reach!

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