Breaking Down & Storing Our Container Garden For Winter

This time of the season is always a little bitter sweet for us. While we love fall, we can’t help but miss our outdoor container garden once we take it down for the season. We got everything in our outdoor containers harvested out, stored our soil for the winter and cleaned everything out for next season.

We are definitely progressing through our harvest lists and probably hit about 75% of our total seasonal harvests and garden related tasks at this point. We’re glad to be getting a gentle introduction into fall and winter this year, but there are certainly seasons where we’re fighting snowfall and low 20’s at this point. We try to be prepared, either way, as there’s no telling what each season (or even next week) will bring.

There are some people who don’t break down their container gardens every year. We do. The biggest reason is to keep things clean, but also to make storing a rather large container over the winter a lot more feasible. It’s crazy to think that our 110+ container garden breaks down into such a small footprint.

We have a fair bit of money locked up into our container gardens, so it’s important for us to do everything we can to keep in good, working order. We store everything in our greenhouse over the winter, which helps protect our gear from the elements over our harsh winter. A lot of this equipment has been performing for us for many years and we aim to keep it that way. While it’s tough to set things up and tear them down every year, we think it’s for the best.

Even though this moment is a little bitter sweet for us, we’re sure glad to have this major task done for the season! We are sure looking forward to a little bit of rest, this time of year is go-go-go for us!

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