September 23rd, 2023: Our First Frost Of The Year

Well, we knew it was coming sooner or later! But, we’ve experienced our first frost of the year! Definitely one of the latest ones we’ve seen.

There was something a bit peaceful about it. As I headed into work this morning, I took a moment to appreciate our first breach of the year into the frozen world we’ll soon find ourselves living in for the next seven to eight months. I caressed the frozen dew on the grass, just the mere heat of my hand was enough to quickly melt the frozen dew.

I took the crisp air into my lungs and remembered again the feeling where just breathing in the cold air makes you feel so alive. Some people don’t “get” northern living, but it’s moments like this one that remind me why I’ve pursued the northern lifestyle.

So, this means we can finally start fully shutting down our gardens soon. We’ve got just a few things remaining, like our brussels sprouts, root veggies and leeks. We often give these plants just a little bit more growing time as they’ll handle the cold and benefit from growing just a little bit longer.

We’re honestly looking forward to being done with the garden for the year. By this time in the year, we’ve had enough “go, go, gooooo!” and are fully ready to get a little bit of rest in and enjoy some of the activities the “other half” of the year brings.

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