Winter Squash Varieties: Delicata

OK, back to a couple more winter squash reviews! This variety is one of our most recent additions to our winter squash lineup and it has been impressive so far!

Delicata squash, sometimes called peanut squash, has turned out to be an excellent northern producer for us. Putting on three to five squash per plant, it yields plenty for us with just a couple of plants. The size of squash tends to vary a bit, with both large and slightly smaller squash being produced, giving the grower a little bit of control over portioning.

We’ve really struggled with finding a butternut style squash that will reliably produce for us in the north. (We do also grow butternut, but usually only get 1-2 per season.) The Delicata is very, very similar to a butternut and hasn’t been nearly as finicky. So, these Delicata have been an excellent stand in for Butternut in both flavor and its overall use.

A thin skinned squash, similar to summer squash varieties, Delicata will still develop a tough outer skin and can last through the winter. Given that thin skin, it’s much easier to prepare than many winter squash varieties. You can slice them in half length wise for roasting or even do little squash rings, stuffed with meat, veggies and other stuffings. Another popular presentation is crescents, performed by slicing them long-ways, removing the seeds and then again slicing laterally.

We’ve been really glad to truly fill the “butternut” missing link in our squash line up! Delicata has stepped up to the plate and is a consistent producer for us! We love exploring squash varieties, but this one will likely be around for awhile.

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