Our First Snowfall Of The Winter, Winter Is Coming

Well, I guess it’s a good thing we pulled our final crops just yesterday! We suspected this was coming, it looks like our first snow arrived a little bit ahead of schedule!

We’re still not quite done with things for the year. We have a few things left to talk about, like our final garden maintenance and a few things we just never did get the chance to show you. We take our “one post per day” pledge pretty seriously, so there’s always stuff that we just can’t get to chatting about! I suspect we’ll probably be going another week or two, we’ll just have to see!

But, in case you didn’t wake up to this today, it’s definitely your reminder that it’s coming eventually and that the shift is happening!

We’re into our final day of major preservation here, looks like we’re going to get to everything! All those carrots definitely took it out of us yesterday. We might share that whole effort with you tomorrow, it was actually quite impressive to process 40-50 pounds in one sitting!

That’s All We Wrote!

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