End Of Season, What’s Next & Our Annual Fundraiser


So, I think this is where we’re going to “officially” call it for the season. Our focus has shifted back into that winter northern living, moving snow and regular firewood gathering trips. So from here, we “coast” on all our preserved foods and will be enjoying the fruits of all our labor!

If you’re new around here, we typically take a good break from social media for several months during the off season. Sometimes we pop in here and there with random garden or food preservation related stuff, just to keep things alive. We tend to use this time to further develop our website content, producing new full-length articles and other “long form” kind of work. But, we will be back again full time starting next March with our season ramp up and seed starting. We definitely look forward to seeing you again next year!

We do want to thank all of you for coming along with us this season! Your support, likes, shares and comments mean a ton to us! 2023 was a huge year for Frosty Garden. Between introducing our YouTube channel and the daily posts here, we kept really, really busy this season! We are definitely looking forward to a break! Speaking of videos, we will be producing at least a couple new ones over the winter season. They’ll be a bit “different” since we won’t have our gardens to demonstrate, but we have some ideas we want to tackle that are well suited to the winter season. So, stay tuned over there…or just subscribe and let the algorithm do the work for you!

Also, we don’t do this often, but the whole “Frosty Garden” thing does cost us money to produce. For that reason, we opened ourselves up to optional contributions that help us bear the costs of operating our website and other things we do as an “entity” that incur direct costs. If we’ve helped you be a better gardener and you want to help us do more, reach more people and become a better resource for you and other cold climate gardeners…we would be honored if you helped us. There’s a link in the comments about it and we also promise to never ask you more than once a year.

Lastly, if there are any topics you’d like for us to write about over the winter in more depth, we’d love it if you put a comment down below. We want to make sure we’re relevant to your growth as a gardener and that we produce the resources you want and need. We’ll take creative license with the idea, but hey, we’ll even cite you as inspiration!

Thanks again everyone and hope you all have a great winter! Our DM’s are always open, so if anything comes up, we’re just a message away!

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