Happy Winter Solstice & The Swing Back To Daylight

Happy winter solstice, everyone! Us northerners revere this day, almost akin to what might be a national holiday.

The darkest day of the year for us, we get a mere 3 hours and 42 minutes of daylight from sunrise to sunset. But, starting tomorrow, we’ll be gaining that sunlight back.

And, by this point in the winter, we really need that swing back in the other direction to help us power through the rest of winter. What starts as a trickle of more daylight will soon flood into hours, eventually returning us to those blissful days where the sun simply does not set. Outsiders sometimes wonder how we get through it, but it’s through celebration of solstice and the absolutes of this annual cycle that keep us in good spirit.

We’re expecting the 2024 seed catalogs will be showing up any day now. We are looking forward to perusing them and solidifying our 2024 gardening plans. It’s almost hard to believe we are only a few months away from flipping the switch on our grow lights, again facing the task of raising hundreds of plants for the growing season. We are looking forward to growing with you all again, but in the meantime we hope you’re getting some thorough rest this winter.

We are wishing you all a wonderful solstice and hope that it’s re-invigorating you for yet another season! To more daylight!

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