Merry Christmas, Plus A Houseplant Update

Merry Christmas, everyone! We hope that this special holiday finds you surrounded by family, friends or whatever else makes you happy!

Since we are 100% about growing, even on Christmas, we figured we’d share a small development with our indoor houseplant caretaking.

We did a bit of furniture shifting this winter and freed up a nice little storage unit that was perfect for our houseplants! This has helped us get a bit more “vertical” space, which is helpful for us in smaller homes. But really, it’s mostly about keeping our cats out of our Spider plants. We’ve finally managed to keep two alive for more than a few months, hooray! (Past attempts have always been promptly eaten by Mr. Bridger the Onion Eater cat!) Bonus points that we can also manage our multiple vining houseplants a bit better, too.

We’ve shared this in the past, but keeping grow lights on your house plants for 8-10 hours a day really helps them eek through the depths of our dark, cold winter. For many plants, it can be the only thing that helps them survive.

We got another large leaf to unfurl on our Bird of Paradise this winter. (Far right/rear in main picture.) We don’t know if we’ll ever get it to produce an actual flower, but we’re hopeful and the plant looks super happy with the winter lighting. We definitely like trying our hand at some of the more challenging plants up here!

We’re wishing well to you and yours this Christmas holiday. May you find peace and joy this season!

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